Results of Consequence- July 31, 2020

French Coup de Ligue

Paris Saint-Germain 0(6)-0(5) Lyon; The PSG win meas that Reims will take the Coupe winner’s spot in the Europa League’s 2nd qualifying round.

Serie B

Today marked the final matchday of the Serie B regular season. Benevento were this year’s champions, while Crotone joined them in promotion to Serie A. Spezia and Pordenone also finished in the top four, meaning they will receive byes to the playoff semifinals. The four teams entering the first round of the promotion playoff will be Cittadella, Chievo, Empoli and Frosinone.

Salernitana finished two points out of the playoffs due to a loss against Spezia, while a draw with Frosinone kept Pisa out on tiebreakers.

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